Mission and Outreach

The heart of UCPC lies in our mission work within the church walls, in the community, across the state and around the world.  We have been recognized by our PC(USA) denomination as being a Four for Four Church XX years in a row in our giving to Special Offerings of the national church.  While we support the Special Offerings with hope, we prefer to build, work one on one, and be humbly empowered by the Spirit, in the grace of Christ's work for the Glory of God!

In the Church

Our mission inside our church walls include working with Love Inc to host a community hygiene closet and The Loving Families Program. We are a Red Cross Emergency Shelter, and open our doors to three 12-step programs, and the Boy and Girl Scouts.  We are also celebrating as our facility is certified as an Earth Care Congregation.  

We worship in our Church, but we also extend God's grace to all who enter our doors.  Any day of the week you might hear music emanating from the twice a year Gospel Choir, the UCPC Choir, or our very own Visionaries.  We have partnered with many groups on joint events like Native Movement, The Alaska Peace Center, Christian Motorcycle Association, and the Fairbanks Climate Action Coalition to explore where God is calling us to work together.    

In the Community

We may be a brick and mortar church, but we take Christ's grace out into the Community, we meet people where they are.  In 2020 we became a Matthew 25 Church accepting the Challenge to visit the prisons, to feed the hungry, to provide clean water, to visit the sick, and welcome the stranger.  If ministry was a check off list, we have done all asked in multiple ways, but Matthew 25 is not a to do list, it's a way of life.  We would enjoy working along side you to make God's community locally a little better.  We are most successful working together, in community.

Across Alaska

We may be Fairbanks centered, but we are Alaskan through and through, whether we were born here or adopted.  Our Mission Teams had multiple trips to Gamble on  St. Lawrence Island to help build the new Presbyterian Church, we have worked in Anaktuvuk Pass, and members of our congregation are often working at Bingle Camp out on Harding Lake.

The World

UCPC members represents the Lord either alone, in mission teams, and in partnerships to have impact around the world.  In recent years we have had teams visit various locations in Russia, Peace Making in Ukraine, and we had one member in her 80's return to Nicaragua to celebrate the 30th anniversary of an in-country Ministry she helped start during the worst of the civil war.   Another UCPC member goes at least yearly to do work with a partner organization in Vietnam.  When we can't go ourselves, we support those that can, like Ryan and Alethia White in Germany as they minister among Iranian and other Middle East refugees.